Monday, May 9, 2022

Getting ready for another week ahead/Simple positive habits I like to follow #mentalhealthweek

It is Monday again #mentalhealthweek and today it flew by and here I am in my evening clothes waiting to have some dinner and so I do have some positive habits when it becomes to a new week.

1. I always set an alarm later than the time I get up of a morning. This helps me to wake up early believe it or not and will play some music, along with taking a shower and start it off being cold, and then hot. I would like to take cold showers but I have to do this one step at a time. 

2. I have breakfast. I can't do anything in the mornings until I have my cup of tea and a bit of breakfast, even if it is cereal, but no longer have something too late in the evenings or late morning. This helps me to set up my day, and fueled. 

3. I walk each day. It is a distance between the high street to where I live and so use it to build up my steps each day. It is a great way to explore and get fit without needing the gym. 

4. Selfcare. Today I shaved my hair above my lip as it does effect my confidence and shower using lovely nice shower gel and tomorrow I want to shave my legs and the next day going to wash my hair. I like to look after myself and would recommend it. 

5. Get a good amount of sleep. I need 8 hours now and so make sure I get it. Often writing blogs, creating videos and work on book, and walking, etc tires me out so I now go to bed about 8 each night and get a good amount to be totally refreshed the next day.

What habits do you, please comment below.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, December 13, 2021

Early evenings in the winter

Hello and welcome! The early evenings feels like we haven't have enough light in the day and I like to have a bit of day light and feel like the days going too fast and can't keep up, so this blog is the some things that give me that lift for when it gets dark early. 

1. I take supplements Iron and multivitamin and soon going to start taking Garlic and Vitamin D, to help with my mood over the Winter and Autumn season. This may not be for everyone and I get it, but for me they do help and keep my healthy, and boost my energy as the colder season I find can pull me done, and feel more fatigued. 

2. Get outdoors and get in touch with nature. I love walking and really want to get back into doing long distance again aswell as short walks and now I do the school run, this helps to gather my steps and use an app on my phone to support me and see how many steps I have done each day.

3. Change the routine so you can spend time in the daylight and freshair, before it gets dark and when it is dark embrace the warmth of being indoors in a cozy warm home.

4. I change my diet so not having salads but do like hot meals like a roast dinner on a Sunday as some Sundays I love having a Curry night. Not done this in a long time as this is a meal I will tend to eat now in the week not at the weekend. So now I will have a roast when it is chilly outdoors. 

5. Take care of my skin. My skin can be very dry this time of the year, and so skincare is very important to me. I love scrubs for my body and face and want to by a hair mask again, as they are great for the hair and want to take supplement as I find my hair has become quite thin. 

Sowhat do you do in the early evenings in the winter I would love to hear from you. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 



Friday, November 19, 2021

For the Love of Coffee and a plate of Biscuits

If I asked you what biscuit you like? What would be your choice. If you watch Sunday Brunch on Channel 4, they have their guests choosing a biscuit they aren't a fan of and ones they do. If I had to choose it would be Rich Tea, which I have not had in a while but I am currently been going for Oreos and chocolate swirl biscuits and so light and crumbly. Yes I do put into my tea and coffee to dunk. 

One of my cousins loved to pop round to my nans who lived in Fulham and have a Club and dunk into his tea, and thought that was yuky but then he said "its still a biscuits so what is the difference?" and opened my eyes and I remember thinking, "good point" so very true, and yes I will dunk a Club which not had in ages, or a kit kat and dunk too. 

Now as I write this blog post having a Latte, a Sachel from Kenco range, and in my opinion do the best coffee sachets Iced and not, with perfection, and no sugar needed for sweetness, it is all in the a sachet. 

I was never always into coffee as often I'd get a headache. I find Nescafe Gold Blend lovely, along with a Jar of Kenco mainly decaf, but now I need the caffiene, and so the sachets are a winner for me rather than a jar now. 

It is surprising how as you grow so does you tastebuds and it changes as I have seen, so much that its like everything new thing to me is a surprise, but that how you evolve and it is good to not to know everything that is out there. It is always refreshing to find things you never thought you would, but that's what life is, isn't it?

If we never discovered new things in our lives, it would be so boring and as the Pet Shop song goes, "Too much of something is never enough", and that is new discoveries and different paths we take. 

So never fear change as we can. I know I did, but change is good and you know when your life is turning, when new love comes into your life and so you can't beat a nice cup of coffee with a biscuit, as why not do the things that you love and make you forever happy. 

Many thnks for reading, 

Carrie X

Monday, October 18, 2021

The things I like to have in my life/I love home comforts

Hello and welcome! This blog is all about how I like to have in my life. 

So as I am writing this blog I am having a low priced Latte Sachet today, rather then buy one from a coffee shop. I do like to be near a coffee shop wherever I live but like to save my money so I don't rely upon them all of the time. 

I like to have a good mug to drink out of, I know some may wonder what's amazing about that? Well it makes me feel homely and cozy when it is cold outside. 

For this time of the year I love to sit in the park and be wrapped up, and often when not having a coffee indoors have on en route and sit, read my book in the park, local to my home and watch the world go by.

When having a coffee at a coffee shop, or sometimes a hot chocolate instead, do some writing in a notebook and gonna do this once a week I have decided and read a magazine too. I miss not reading a magazine and so gonna start again, and a Autumn and Winter market especially and yes gonna say it, at Christmas time. 

I like to have early showers through the day, not just in the mornings and evenings, and that is what I did write now before I finished this blog, and did some selfcare which is very important. I talk about this in my blog I write using Wordpress:

When it gets to the Autumn and Winter I love it when I can have Christmas drink and love treating myself to these. The one I usually go for is the Blackforest Gataeu hot chocolate, and having a cozy night watching repeats or when I have my own place again, as movie. 

You can't beat a good home comfort and having time to reflect on life and enjoy what surrounds it. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Things I like to do to save time and money

Hello and welcome! thank you so far if you have been reading my blogs on this site. I do also write on blog, and you can see all blogs and videos on my Pinterest site: 

This blog is about things I do to save me money. 

So the first thing is on my bank cards and tend since Lockdown and Coronavirus is pay most things via debit, and so not carry too much cash but have some just as emergency, and set a budget on all items I buy or am willing to pay for an item. This to me is important because I find it disciplines me and helps me take charge over I buy and keeps me in control of my spending. 

When it comes to travel I tend to take buses rather than trains, and give myself plenty of time to get to wear I need to be, but then I will as a change get the train. If you do a lot of travel and have a Oyster card and do a lot of travel mainly buses you stop being charged. Those buses are TFL buses not country buses which many take cash and not card. 

I will use items I have washed on the draining board and not waste washing up other items to save on water. I will drink tap water and I will have one shower a day using the toilteries I have stocked on so I never run out of them. With toilteries I do have budget also. I use every bit of them, before replacing. 

Point cards of retailers I use regulary will use to save and use points on gifts or as a emergency. I buy items secondhand and welcome hand-me- downs which I think I have already blogged about, but great way to save and on items I know I am gonna use or wear. 

When I shopping in big large stores I will still make a list, and use it. If any items I forgot I jot it down as I shop. 

A list for me always required and ignore items near the checkouts. Do a price check on cost of items bought online and items sold in the stores and often it can be a saver to buy online and the other way around too. 

So I hope you find this blog interesting and helpful. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Writing has filled up my life and so good I got back into it

On the bus today travelling back from looking after my son coming home from school, I read some of my current book and then came up with some more ideas for one of my books I am writing and I am so glad I got back into it, and is my life. 

Writing fulfills me as a person as it helps be in another world when I creating fictional books, and creating blogs and it has lead me to write a lot of books this year. Check them out on, and under my married name Carrie Challoner or maiden name Carrie Holmes or Carrie Lee Holmes. 

This isn't a plug, but just to let you know.


When it comes to writing it can be a long process but then when made into a book, it is so rewarding and I am thrilled that I still write since a kid and been like a secret best friend, as I would keep it quiet, until I discovered blogging and self publishing. 

My writing style is different and that what makes it personal and fulfilling. I not writing a bridget jones, its already been done, but used those books to inspire to tell my own stories. 

Finding your style is important and often I just write with no goal of how the book will finished, but again I find that energizing. It's my own work and if someone chooses it within the 1,000 of books out there, for me that is still a success and happy that someone has taken the time to read my books. 

There are parts where I don't like, such as editing, but I still get it done and I like to go through as I write and keep notes, and this helps me with that and I like writing blogs as it was through blog writing that I started writing stories and books again. I am sad that I lost a lot time when I stopped and now is a skill that pulls me through even tough days, So, if you want write the start as it is so uplifting when people start to notice your writing and follow you because of that. 

Many tbanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Living a more functional and flexible life

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In this blog I am talking about Living a more functional life and I do that by making sure I take time out to be a mum, to exercise and manage my work so I don't get bogged down.

It can be an imbalance sometimes when I have a blog post idea, but then I am being asked by my 7 year old son to play downstairs and its like how can I get it all done? My answer I can't so I give him that time. Often though he will sit with me and just really wants me around him, meaning me to just be there.

Kids can be demanding, but usually it is acknowledgement that you are mum and so you should be there to be with them, and so I will wait until someone can take over caring for my son, obviously someone I trust, whilst I do a bit of work on my blogs, books and youtube content. 

I am not made to do so many things at a time so I no longer try. I will take the day as it unfolds and when I can be the "Content Creater" I will do just that. Then I will schedule time to have a dinner, go for a walk and do some errands. Evening it out is the key and going by segements of time helps too. 

For my Functional means finding a system in our life can is routine, but if I have to pick up my son from school when unwell I can, or I can take 5 minutes to clean part of my room. Its separating the To dos I want to do and need to do. 

So getting that balance is the key. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X